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Being a good writer is not an easy task! Writemypapers.org comes in handy to help mostly writers achieve their tasks in nick of time and at affordable prices. Professional authors and editors in the company provide their services in array of fields to students in schools, colleges and even to graduates.

Services offered

Writemypapers.org through its well organized professional team work provides an array of services in various fields of writing materials in the following sub categories:

  • Custom theses
  • Custom book reviews
  • Custom assignments
  • Custom Essays
  • Custom book reports
  • Custom Research papers
  • Custom book speeches
  • Custom term papers
  • Custom homework’s
  • Custom coursework’s
  • Custom dissertations
  • Custom case study

It is worth mentioning that Writemypapers.org has only capitalized on writing services. Other platforms offer other services including editing, proofreading and power point presentation in order to be competitive. It therefore means that that this platform is lagging behind which offers clients minimal options.


Prising of various articles has been categorised to include school, college and universities. Prices offered by Writemypapers.org are based on only one parable which is level of education. The prices have therefore been valued in the sub categories bellow:

  • School-$9
  • College-$11
  • University-$16

These prices are quite affordable compared to other platforms which mean that this platform has really stood up to its name (affordable papers). However, although the prices are friendly, this platform has only presented prices for very few categories. What about masters and PhD levels in the University category? Are the prices the same? And are the prices for a first year paper similar to that off second, third or fourth year? This aspect gives other platforms an upper hand over Writemypapers.org


professionalism is outstanding in its immense and skilled art of work as it plays a key role in various curriculums in schools and colleges, therefore saving students a lot of time and enhances their various skills in writing. It has some unique and incredible features that make it stand out from the rest. These features are aimed at making the site more users friendly and reduce cost and time. Generally, these features help the client to navigate with ease and get in prompt replies to all the queries. Features include;

  • Free bibliography page
  • Free revisions
  • Overnight delivery option
  • No delivery charges
  • 24/7 delivery charges
  • Plagiarism checker tool

Writemypapers.org review

6.5 Price

5.5 Quality

7 Discounts


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