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Ultius.com company has a very professional modern website, with eye-catching design. Policies of this company are clear – they are delivering papers written by American writers only. Of course, the first impression when you are visiting Ultius website is “Wow”, but during the search of information you need it seems to be a little bit confusing. They are offering a majority of papers to be custom written, and we have not found any special services or unusual assignments you can order from them.

Writing Services Offered

The list of services offered can be found by scrolling down the homepage. They are a research paper, essay, thesis, dissertation, editing and business writing. This is a basic list, the more detailed information you can find on the separate page of their website.

The services actually are separated into three main categories: business writing, academic writing, and editing. The academic writing category includes term papers, research papers, book critique, coursework, grant proposal, movie review and several other academic papers.

As for case study, admission essay, article, business plan, multiple choice questions and several other services, they are unfortunately not available for the order. However, they still have enough services a student might need.

Pricing and discounts

What we liked about their website they have clear prices list. It is essential to note, that prices here are not very high, but still higher than other top-quality writing services are offering. The price per page ranges from 18 USD to 80 USD. There are four quality categories available: high-school, undergraduate, Doctoral and Masters. Our main surprise was that there is no discount code for newcomers is available. However, to get a discount code for Ultius.com you need to search on Google, but it is very inconvenient since you are never sure that such code will work for your order.

As for other things about their pricing, they don’t have any hidden fees. However, we didn’t manage to find any money back guarantee information on their website.

Papers quality

We decided to order two-page essay of an Undergraduate level with a deadline of 20 days and paid 42 USD for it. However, for such a high price we expected to get a paper of better quality. The structure of the essay was great and ideas are enough creative, but the style was too basic for undergraduate quality. This essay would be great if it had been written for a high-school student, but not for undergraduate.

The essay was written following APA style and had a well-formatted bibliography, which significantly increased the quality of the essay.

Customer Support

On the website the live chat support option is available, but it requires to provide personal details, like name and email as well as to identify the reason of contacting before you will be connected with care agent. Usually, you don’t need to supply the agent with your details since chat is the simplest and most convenient way to get the information so this writing service has failed to use this aspect. We also tried to call them and got a quick reply, however, agents are not able to give you an update regarding your order, so it is a disadvantage.

And the other disadvantage, that it is not possible to get direct contact with a writer.


Ultius delivers average quality papers for quite a high price. The support friendly and professional but during the order, it is almost not possible to get paper updates. Yet, if you are looking for 100% American writers this service is for you.

Ultius.com Review

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