This review will provide information how this company offers its services, prices they charge for their services and their extra charges.

The company comprises of more than 300 elite professional writers from the U.K, U.S and Australia. The company writers are highly profound in vast knowledge in writing assignments, essays, term papers, research papers. The practionares provide high and accredited whelm of information in various capacities needed. The company provides reliable sites that clients can access quickly hence saving the student time and minimal cost to achieve their academic writing skills with ease

Services provided is a company that really emphasises on delivering services in all subjects in good time and of top quality without plagiarism from top scholars of PhD level.

  • Custom assignments
  • Custom Essays
  • Custom book reports
  • Custom Research papers
  • Custom book reviews
  • Custom book speeches
  • Custom term papers
  • Custom homework’s
  • Custom coursework’s
  • Custom dissertations
  • Custom theses
  • Custom case study.

With its elite skilled professional writers the company provides services of high quality hence getting their clients the precise job needed done.

Prices has quite friendly prices on the various services offered by the company. The pricing has been subdivided into various categories i.e. number of pages needed, level of education and of course the urgency of the matter at hand. The prices are pocket friendly and competitive. The various services are offered in three categories and they include;

1. Standard quality

  • 3 hours-$41.99
  • 6 hours- $38.99
  • 12 hours-$36.99
  • 24 hours-$34.99
  • 48 hours-$32.99
  • 3 days- $24.99
  • 4 days-$22.99
  • 5 days-$21.99
  • 7 days-$20.99
  • 10 days-$19.99

2. Premium quality

  • 3 hours-$43.99
  • 6 hours- $40.99
  • 12 hours-$38.99
  • 24 hours-$36.99
  • 48 hours-$34.99
  • 3 days- $26.99
  • 4 days-$24.99
  • 5 days-$23.99
  • 7 days-$22.99
  • 10 days-$29.99

3. Platinum quality

  • 3 hours-$52.99
  • 6 hours- $47.99
  • 12 hours-$44.99
  • 24 hours-$40.99
  • 48 hours-$36.99
  • 3 days- $30.99
  • 4 days-$27.99
  • 5 days-$25.99
  • 7 days-$24.99
  • 10 days-$23.99


The features offered by are totally free and enables the client to edit and save the job in good time thus pocket friendly. The features hence play an integral part by helping the client to accomplish the task with ease. These features include:

  • Free bibliography pages
  • Free plagiarism scan
  • Free revision
  • Free title page
  • Free outline Review

8.5 Price

1 Quality

7 Discounts


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