Kibin is a proofreading and editing service aimed at students who want a professional to take a look at their academic work. They claim to improve your paper on various levels, rather than just proofread for possible mistakes or misspellings, and state their editors are all skilled native-level English speakers from around the world.

Services provides editing and proofreading for a variety of academic papers, from essays and lab reports to personal statements and admission essays. They state they will improve sentence structure, wording clarity and idea flow, but what they will not do is write custom papers. Therefore, if you’re looking for more comprehensive help with your assignments, this is not the service for you.

Kibin also provides an extensive essay database with over 500,000 paper examples to help students brainstorm ideas for their assignments, but it is available only via subscription. Furthermore, there is also a free Thesis Builder tool to help you develop your thesis more easily, and they also provide free advice and writing tips on their blog.


The prices for their editing services are quite steep. The price depends on the word count of your paper and on the turnaround time requested. For example, a 1,000 word essay will cost you $35 if you want it within 72 hours, while a 3-hour deadline will have you forking out $49, 50! This is steep, considering you can have a professional writer craft you a quality custom paper from scratch for a much lower fee.

As for the subscription mentioned earlier that grants you access to their essay database, you can choose a yearly plan, which will cost you $95.40 per year or a monthly one, which adds up to 24.95 per month.

Discounts and Special Offers

We couldn’t find any Kibin discount codes or price reduction for first-time or returning customers, as is customary with such services. And this a shame, considering the high rates they are charging. They do have, however, a special offer for those who opt for one of their subscription plans: if you choose the monthly package, you get a $25 credit which you can use for professional editing, while the annual plan will grant you $100 essay editing credit per year.


We ordered editing for a 500 word essay to be delivered within 72 hours. We purposefully left some grammar mistakes and punctuation problems in the text, as well as some unclear or rather awkward sentences. We received the paper a day early, but what the editors did was rather more proofreading, not actual editing. They did correct all mistakes and set the right punctuation, but didn’t change much else in terms of syntax and word choice – and the text could have used improvements in those areas.

Customer Support offers plenty of ways you can contact them: an email address, a variety of social media accounts, as well as live chat. We couldn’t find any phone number, though, which is not exactly reassuring. Also, note that, while their editors are available 24/7, their customer service isn’t.

We’ve tried their live chat in the evening and received a reply only the next day, as it seems that their support team is available only Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm (EST). This is quite an issue, as if you’re not happy with their editing, for instance, and need to turn in your paper ASAP, you might not be able to get any help from their representatives in due time.


So, is legit? It certainly is. But is it worth your money? It’s up for you to decide, but we think you can get much more comprehensive services for a lower price elsewhere. Review

7 Price

6.5 Quality

3.5 Discounts


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