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The immediate view of this website is not friendly. It is not very professional to be greeted with a graphic of a woman in a very short skirt on the home page and it’s a strange image for a professional writing service aimed at students. It is also disconcerting that the data image that fills the lower half of the home page is statistics for 2014. If they aren’t keeping up with their own stats, it questions their ability to stay with current academic trends. It does lead to the question of whether I Write Essays is legit or not.


What we did like about the site is that it is quite clear what services they offer, although they’d clearly written their list to include keywords such as ‘essay writing’ and ‘who to write a thesis’. This may well work for marketing purposes, but there would be more benefit to the user to see a comprehensive list of the different types of essays they can handle, and other types of assignments such as PowerPoint or admissions essays.


The prices page was, frankly, irritating. Rates for the different types of essays were clearly laid out according to the time you were prepared to allow for the paper to be written. The problem was that the page kept moving automatically from one category to another. So trying to compare one site with another was impossible; as you go back to the site, the page moves on. It was so annoying having to keep clicking back on the page you actually wanted to see. This is a somewhat bizarre feature we’ve not come across on other sites.


There didn’t appear to be any I write essay discount codes, which is unusual for an essay writing site. Most sites offer discounts for new customers or if you order a large number of pages. This is very important, as most students are on a tight budget and need all the help they can get in keeping prices down. But they do have lower starting prices than many, many other services so unless you have a seriously tight deadline, the prices are attractive without discounts (starting at $7.50 per page).


We had low expectations of Iwriteessays. Judgment was already clouded by the poor quality of the website. if you are offering to write essays for students, the least you can do is check that your website is perfect. There are countless mistakes on the site, and that really doesn’t give a good impression. It looked like it was written by someone who wasn’t a native speaker of English. And if you can’t be bothered to get your website right, what surety is there that effort will be made in writing and checking an essay? On this occasion, we chose not to place an order to test. We’d seen enough. Sorry guys, try harder in future.

Customer Support

This seems ok. There are two phone numbers, although a toll-free number for American users at least would have been good. You can also contact the company through email or their live chat facility. There is no indication of the hours that live chat is available; it would have been helpful to know. You can also email them, although that’s probably only worth using if you don’t have an urgent inquiry.


Their website certainly looks nice (if you don’t mind the sexist image on the front page), but it needs more than eye-catching graphics to be convincing. Once you get past the aesthetics, you do notice the syntax and grammar errors, the obvious keyword plugging and the lack of current statistics. For a company that makes their living out of writing, they seem rather careless about grammar and spelling. It is also unusual that there are no Iwritessays’ testimonials despite the claim on the front page of thousands of customers trusting their service.

Iwriteessays.com Review

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