Our review encompasses all aspects of the service. This was a heavily requested evaluation, since many of our visitors were interested to try this website. We also received many comments with experience from real users, so we can sum up all those GradeMiners reviews into a detailed article.

If you want us to sum everything up in a single word, this would be the one: disappointing.


There’s a price calculator at the home page, and that’s where you can see the list of services offered. It’s also available in the order form, but it’s a relief to see that you don’t have to go there just to see what services the company offers.

The Grade Miners services list looks pretty decent. All types of papers for students are being offered: essay, term paper, book review, research paper, article critique, lab report, assignment, case study, and more. But the service also offers content for college or scholarship applicants, as well as for job applicants.

The problem is that rewriting is also on the list. Any serious writing service should know that rewriting makes it look unprofessional. I mean, professional writers who paraphrase text? It’s just a paradox. It’s clear that these writers are not professional at all. When you read through the comments of people who used the service, that impression of low credibility is complete.


“I ended up paying more than what was disclosed on the price chart” is a common complain about GradeMiners. The problem is that when the customers ask for a refund on the extra sum, they don’t get a response. That’s a big problem, and it’s a shame, since the prices seem pretty affordable at first.

They start at only $13.60 per page, but pay attention: that’s the price for high-school quality, and it’s set for the deadline of 20 days. The highest quote per page, which is for PhD quality and a deadline of 3 hours, is $45.95.

Students who bought papers here often complain about the fact that they don’t get revisions. So if you want to order a paper here, it’s smarter to set a shorter deadline than the one you actually need. That also means that you’ll pay more than expected, but you’ll get some time to work on the content before you submit it.

Discounts and Special Offers

You’ll have to scroll down the homepage to get to the discount offer. It’s 15% off on your first order. But you’ll have to sign up with your email to get the code for this discount. With that, you’ll agree to get messages in your inbox. With that, you’ll be flooded with spam.

As for returning users, they get bonuses that they can use for future orders. If, for example, you spend $100 on a paper, you’ll get a bonus of $10 in your balance. You can use it to reduce the price of your next order.


I guess you could make peace with the higher price and the need to set a shorter deadline. Maybe you could even forget the fact that these writers offer paraphrasing services. But to pay for a paper and get lousy quality in return – that’s something a student cannot handle. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened for most students who trusted Grade Miners.

The most common complain about this service is the low quality the customers get from it. They get high-school level content even when they assign the highest quality levels. When they try to get revisions, no one responds.

Occasionally, a positive review or two will appear about this service. Those students were lucky, since most people get disappointed here.

Customer Support

After placing the order and getting a paper that doesn’t meet one’s standards, the customer support is practically non-existent. They ignore the requests of the customers. That’s a surprise, since they are available to tell you how to place the order, but disappear after taking your money.

There’s a 24/7 live chat available, but the customers don’t seem to get much use of it.

This is a very big problem. When trying to order a paper online, you put your grades at risk. You decide to spend your money and you expect brilliant content in return. Clearly, you want frequent updates and you absolutely need the ability to contact the customer service department. Since this service fails to provide the needed support, we cannot write a supportive review today.

Conclusion of Grademiners Review

At first sight, the website looks sleek and the list of services looks amazing. But when we realize that students rarely get good quality here, it’s clear that a pretty face is all that GradeMiners has. The content is of low-level quality, so the service doesn’t deserve a student’s attention. Review

6 Price

7 Quality

5.5 Discounts


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