Our EssayTigers review shows their teams are diligent and very efficient. They rarely miss deadlines, and they offer very low prices without cheating and/or plagiarizing. The only trade-off is that their standard service is passable and nothing more. If you want higher grades, you will have to buy their extras, for which they charge a premium price. They offer a fully confidential service, they are a well-established company and they have a reasonably good online reputation.


Essay Tigers has been around for a while, and in their time, they have picked up quite a few writers. They are able to handle any academic subject within a mainstream curriculum. They are the Wal-Mart of the essay-writing world. They are able to write any type of paper, and they will also proofread and edit your work for a fee. They have branched out into ad-hoc projects too, such as speeches, presentations, and multiple-choice question papers. They will even complete your online tests if you order in advance and set it up with the customer service department.


If you do not sign up for their extras, then their prices are very attractive. When you make your order, make sure you un-tick all of the already-ticked extras, and you get their lowest prices as a result. If you are willing to wait 14 days for your project, you may pay as little as $9.97 per page. If you want your project in as few as three hours, you may end up paying as much as $56 per page. The cost of your project depends on the deadline and the academic level you choose. They do not offer High School level papers, but that is not a bad thing. You get to choose between Undergraduate, Bachelor and Professional.

Discounts and special offers

The company has been around for quite a while, and they know that the occasional discount keeps students interested. When you visit their website, look at the top of the page and you will see their latest discount codes. For example, they often run a 5% discount with the GET5OFF code. They often have seasonal discounts too, such as their Easter discount of 10% or their Christmas discounts. They offer a 10% discount if you order is over $1000, and a 5% discount if your order is over $500.


Essay Tigers is a low-cost essay writing service, and you get what you pay for. They offer some of the lowest prices you will find within the legitimate writing industry, but the quality of their work suffers for it. If you pay their standard prices, then you will get nothing more than a passing grade. If you want a higher grade and/or higher marks for your project, you will need to click to add “Top Writer” to your order, which will dramatically push up the price of your project.

Customer Support

Call them on Skype, and you will reach one of their highly trained customer support members. You may call them on the phone, but it is cheaper and easier to use Skype or their Live Chat function. The Live Chat function is efficient and the staff answers questions promptly. If you have a number of complex and/or non-urgent questions, you should use their email address because they offer very comprehensive answers and they sometimes send links to outside resources, which is something they do not do via Live Chat.


If you are asked to authorize your account, then drop the company, get a refund and try another one because they ask for photos of your ID and your credit card, which puts you at a higher risk of having your identity stolen. If you become a regular user of their website, then you should try their blog because it has some oddly weird posts, such as one about clown costumes. If your funds are tight and you are simply looking to scrape through with a passing grade, then EssayTigers is for you. Review

5 Price

5.5 Quality

2.5 Discounts


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