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All You Need to Know about Essay Writers

What Does an Essay Writer Do?

Do you need to hire an essay writing service? You decided to go through some reviews and pick the best service in the writing agency? That’s great; we’re not here to judge. We understand that sometimes you need assistance to make your papers perfect. Who are we kidding? Sometimes you just need someone to write the papers for you. Do you know who writes those papers?

We’re here to give you some insights into the essay writing industry. This insider’s information will help you understand the services a little better, so you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for.

What requirements do writing services have before accepting a new member in their team?

  • If it’s a top writing service, it will hire only MA and PhD writers, who are native English speakers and cover topics that are relevant to their degrees. You can find such services on the web, but be careful; not every writing agency hires such experts. An average writing service will outsource the order to a freelance writer, who may or may not have the experience and knowledge needed for such a project.

  • A good writing service will check and verify the writer’s educational background, but that’s not where the hiring team will stop. The applicants also go through testing, with the purpose to show they are capable to complete authoritative academic papers by the given deadlines. In addition, these agencies provide consistent training for their team of writers. They are investing in their growth, so they can keep delivering good quality and a satisfactory experience to the customers. Again, it’s important to understand that not all writing services do this. There are ‘companies’ that will outsource the project to the first available freelance writer they find.

There’s another question that students don’t often consider: what does it mean to be an essay writer? It means understanding what academic writing is all about.

An average student assumes academic writing is all about form. You’re reading different samples and your impression is close to this: “Okay, so, introduction, body and conclusion. A main thesis statement and arguments that support it. Facts supported with references. And big words that make me look smart.” This impression is wrong. If you’re following that lead, you’ll end up with a dry, useless paper that might get you a passing grade, but won’t present you as a brilliant writer.

A great essay writer, on the other hand, understands that the essence of academic writing is in the voice of the author. Yes, they will maintain proper form, but they will include original arguments that surprise the reader. They realize that academic writing is not about completing useless paragraphs just for grades. It’s about discussing. It’s about doing great research and learning a lot. After that stage, it’s about coming down to your own conclusions and presenting them in a way that makes sense not only for the writer, but for the reader as well.

Things You Need to Know about Essay Writers

There are few important things you need to know about essay writers before you decide to hire one of them to write your papers:

  • The writer is not a superhero. One writer may complete an outstanding essay with a topic from sociology. When you ask them to write a history research paper, they might fail. It’s important to hire a writer that’s knowledgeable and educated in the precise discipline your topic belongs to. That’s why the best writing services hire many writers with degrees in many areas of study. That’s how they can accept every order and pair it with the perfect writer. That’s why you can’t get the same quality from a freelance writer you’re hiring for different kinds of projects.

  • The writer doesn’t read minds. You can’t place an order with a scarce description and expect the writer to deliver exactly what your professor expects. If you only give a broad topic and you don’t communicate with the writer during the completion process, the writer will have to be guided by their own point of view. If you don’t give precise instructions, you won’t have the right to ask for revisions if the paper you get is in accordance with those instructions. It’s important to understand: the order form defines the outcome. It won’t take you a lot of time and effort to complete it. Paying attention and providing all information needed for the paper is the least you could do.

  • A great writer doesn’t write cheap papers. You can’t expect a PhD writer to complete a complex paper for $10, right? Still, there are services that offer reasonable prices and still allow you to work with MA and PhD writers. You don’t have to choose the most expensive site, but we recommend you to avoid the really cheap services.

Good and Bad Essay Writers? There Is a Difference!

Let’s analyze bad essay writers first. There are such writers in the essay writing industry, so it’s important to recognize them for what they are: unqualified people who charge a lot of money for a service they can’t deliver.

  • The work of this writer involves completing a paper on a given topic, by a given deadline. So far so good, right? The only problem is: this writer won’t write a unique paper. They will deliver rewritten content in the best case scenario. In the worst case, you’ll get a completely plagiarized paper. If academic writing was as easy as finding an online source and rewriting the content just to avoid plagiarism search engines, you could complete an essay in half an hour. Why would you pay for such service?

A great essay writer, who works for a reputable writing service, does things differently.

  • First of all, they take and analyze the instructions. They make a plan and draft an outline, making sure the main points meet the customer’s expectations. Then, they include the student in the process of research and writing. As long as the student is willing to participate, of course. The writer answers messages and asks questions whenever that’s necessary for the progress of the assignment.

  • A writer who works for a reputable agency won’t plagiarize, rewrite, or paraphrase content. They will write a unique paper guided not only by their knowledge and experience, but by your instructions, too.

  • A talented essay writer is open for criticism. They understand that a great academic paper should always convey the student’s point of view. If they fail to achieve the impression you expect, they will accept your remarks and they will review the paper. Reputable writing services guarantee free revisions, as long as the student’s requirements for amendments comply with the company’s policies.

As you can see, there’s a big difference between good and bad writers. Since you decided to invest money in the paper, you clearly need to find a service that hires good writers in its team. The outcome depends upon the choice you make. That’s why it’s important to read essay writing service reviews before placing an order at one of these websites.

How to Evaluate the Work of an Essay Writer

When you order an essay online, it’s important to evaluate the work of the writer you’re paired with. There are two crucial stages to pay attention to:

  • During the completion of the paper

As soon as you place an order, the company will assign a writer to it. It’s important to choose a service that lets you keep touch with the writer or at least allows you to get updates through the customer support department. Ask for progressive updates. If possible, ask to see an outline and drafts as the writer makes progress. If you have any remarks on the work, ask the writer to revise as they proceed.

This is a great advantage, since it eliminates the need for revisions after you receive the work. If you keep an eye of the writer’s work, you’ll make sure you’re getting what you need. If you notice that the writer isn’t taking your instructions into consideration, you can cancel the order and get a refund before the damage is too great.

  • After you receive the work

You received the paper right on time? That’s great! Now, you have to read it very carefully and answer this question: is it what you were looking for? If you’re happy with the way the writer followed the guidelines and produced a custom-tailored, 100% unique project, you can confirm your satisfaction by completing a survey, which most companies will send to your email.

If you’re not happy with the work, ask for revisions as soon as possible. Most services will ask you to explain your reasons for this requirement, so be prepared to quote parts of the paper and argue why they don’t work. A good writing service will provide the revisions without any delays.

Hopefully, this article helped you understand essay writers a bit better. When you know who writes your papers, you’ll know if the price you’re paying is justified with their work and expertise.