At your first glance on Boom Essays, you’ll see that this is quite a modern, even in a way fun website. It doesn’t look too unprofessional, in fact it looks quite appealing to students. Besides the look, this Boom Essays review will focus on giving you all the details about this writing services, from the range to discounts and prices, as well as the ordering process. Keep on reading boomessays reviews to find out all the details before you make your purchase.

Boomessays Writing Services Review

With this boomessay review, we wanted to see how well they are going to do on an assignment, but we also wanted to see what kind of a range of services they offer. Their homepage features the service tab on the main menu, and when the menu opens, you can see a pretty simple and common choice of papers they can handle, such as a dissertation, thesis, reports and essays. Compared to other services, they don’t exactly have a wide range of services, but we were able to order our essay without a problem. If you want to make sure they can take on your paper, you are going to have to check with them first, and spend a little bit more time finding out whether they are able to do it

Boomessays Pricing Review

The pricing chart on shows that the price is based on the quality of the paper, deadline and of course the number of pages, which is pretty standard. The lowest price per page is $12.99, with a deadline of 14 days and the lowest quality possible. It’s not exactly an affordable solution, since we didn’t want a low quality paper for our essay, which we presume no student would. We did get free amendments, that were necessary, nothing big, but there were a few errors in the end. The boom essays discount is legit, and they offer two kinds of discounts. One is for their first time customers, who receive 15% off with their special code, as well a life-time discount of 5,10 or 15% based on the number of pages ordered so far.

Boomessay Quality Review

For the purposes of this Boom Essays review, we ordered an essay, to base our review on more than just samples. Samples were definitely a bit better, and the end quality of our paper wasn’t exactly what we expected it to be. There were spelling and grammar errors, and we definitely don’t think that it was satisfying, especially taking into consideration that you’re paying for high-quality papers. However, the customer support was very kind and they enabled us to get free amendments, how many we needed. If you’re in a hurry, and you don’t have time for amendments, we highly recommend you order your paper on time.


In the end, this boom essays review went through the process for you, and if we were to order a paper again, we probably would keep looking further, as we weren’t completely happy with our choice.

Boom Essays Review

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4.5 Quality

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