Best Ideas for Argumentative Essay Topics

When your professor tells you to choose your own topic for an argumentative essay, you’re confused. At one point, you feel relief for being able to write about whatever you want. On the other side, it’s not that easy to think of a topic for an argumentative essay.

There are few main points this topic should meet:

  • It should enable you to express your clear point of view, which is different from someone else’s point of view. This means you shouldn’t go for obvious facts like “the sky is blue and the grass is green.” What’s to argue there?
  • The topic should leave space for putting up a good fight. The type of paper says it all – argumentative. Can you support your statement with valid arguments?
  • Choose a topic you can research. Can you locate enough sources you can reference? Are there any studies, statistics, examples, and facts supporting your point of view?
  • Choose a topic you have a clear position on. When you have an option to choose, you can make it easy on yourself. Of course you can opt for a topic you don’t feel certain. You’ll do the research and decide what point of view you want to take. However, the essay will be much more powerful when you have a clear starting point.

For example: how do you feel about the gun control issue? If you already have a stand, it will be easy for you to write a thesis statement and find supporting arguments. If you don’t, you’ll have to conduct thorough research, understand both points of view, and pick one.

  • It’s a good idea to choose an emotional topic. Although argumentative essay writing is based on facts and evidence, it still leaves you space to appeal to the reader’s emotions.

All that talk seems nice. You need a powerful topic that leaves space for research and lets you express a point of view that you’ll support with authoritative arguments. The theory is clear, but you still need practical examples of argumentative essay topics, which will help you choose your own topic. Don’t worry; we have a list for you.

Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas

  1. How Does Religion Justify the Existence of Evil?

Topics related to religion are always attractive for argumentative writing. This topic, in particular, leaves you with two ways to go:

  • Religion cannot justify evil. Evil exists, so God doesn’t exist.
  • Evil is justified as part of God’s creation, and has a greater purpose than the one we usually see.

Whichever way you’ll go, you’ll encounter paradoxes and obstacles. You’ll have a lot of research to do, so you’ll understand the religion you try to criticize or justify.

  1. Should Marijuana Be Legal for Everyone?

This seems like a mainstream topic, but there’s a lot to discuss. You’ll find a great deal of medical studies that show the benefits and risk of marijuana use. Whatever your point of view is, you’ll find tons of arguments for and against it.

Since it’s a popular topic, you’ll have to be really creative to make your essay unique. Don’t say what your professor has heard hundreds of times before.

  1. Is Bureaucracy Necessary?

Bureaucracy provides millions of jobs. But is it necessary for a country’s economy?

We can agree that a country needs rules and people who make sure those rules are maintained. But does the bureaucratic system have to be that big, complicated, and expensive?

You’ll have many points to cover and discuss if you choose this topic.

  1. Should Americans Finally Give Up on Democracy?

This is a topic that allows you to show your sarcastic side. If you don’t like the current political situation and you think that the ideal of democracy is far from being achieved, you can express your arguments through humor. Since we can’t reach that ideal, maybe it’s about time we gave up on it?

  1. How the Standards of Beauty Affect Girls and Women

This is an emotional topic that can include your own experience. However, you can also conduct research to find examples that prove your point. The beauty industry is massive. It creates jobs and it’s worth millions. Do we suffer the consequences?

  1. How Smoking Affects a Teenager’s Social Life

If you pick a topic similar to this one, you’ll get your professor’s attention right away. It’s an interesting case that gives you two potential angles to explore:

  • Most teenagers start smoking because their friends smoke, so they want to belong in a group. In that way, smoking improves a teenager’s social life.
  • Since not everyone wants smokers around, you have to go outside the room to have a smoke. You’re missing the fun because of your bad habit.
  1. Does College Have to Be Expensive?

No one wants to pay thousands of dollars for a single year at college. Still, we keep doing it. It’s like we understand why education has to cost that much and we comply with the norms.

This topic allows you to explore the causes that make the tuition fees go up all the time. You can also outline potential solutions, which would make college more affordable for students.

  1. Is Abortion Ethical?

This is a very controversial topic. No matter what you say, someone will be offended by it. Still, it’s an important issue and you should feel free to express your opinions. Be brave!

Do the research and find facts that prove your point of view. Try to understand the other side and do not write in offensive tone!

  1. Could World War II Have Been Avoided?

World War II didn’t happen just because of Hitler. If he didn’t exist, another person would probably appear to lead the world in the situation whose direction was set way before. This topic is very complex. It challenges you to explore specific circumstances and decisions of the leadership of different countries.

  1. Are High School Students Pressured to Go to College?

Do people go to college because they want to, or are they applying because the system leads them towards that point? Are we being pressured by society, parents, and teachers? Why can’t many students do what they really want to do?

Did you like some of these topics? Here’s an idea: pick one and write an argumentative essay today. It will be a nice trigger for practice, and you know you can only get better at writing when you practice.

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